The Day One Fitness Program© is your first step towards fitness. Starting with a 5 minute workout, it builds safely and progressively with a unique workout each day.  In just 4 weeks, you will build fitness to be able to finish a 20 minute mobility, strength, and cardiovascular based workout.

Our fitness based services can be offered one-on-one or with a small group of friends or family. (Hint: It’s more fun with others!)  It is our extensive expertise that allows us to provide the structure, direction, safety, and accountability you need while exercising –  with no yelling, we promise.  We prefer to meet you where you are, even if it’s at the very beginning of your journey, to deliver quality instruction, supervision, education, and support.  Our goal is to build your confidence to get you the results you deserve including stress reduction, mental clarity, enhanced mood, improved body composition while we support you in feeling your best.

LIFESTYLE COACHING (In person and online)
Our lifestyle coaching includes personal training but extends far beyond just exercise.  We want to help you build skills so that you can balance the lifestyle you want.  Get ready to review your priorities! Yes, we will go there with a lifestyle assessment.  After that we’ll work together to help you address those areas that can improve your overall quality of life.  Specific lifestyle topics will be customized based on client needs.  Topics can include but aren’t limited to things like stress management, nutrition, sleep habits, environmental factors, social stuff, work-life balance and others.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING PLAN (In person and online)
For those who enjoy exercise, working out, or training – great! But some of you might just need some direction on what you’re doing, and we can create a plan for you.  We can also help the more competitive athlete or fitness enthusiast who may be looking for a more advanced periodized plan to reduce overuse injury risk, improve performance, and prevent plateaus.

If you are looking to add some fun to an event, we can help.  We’ve brought yoga to wedding showers, boot camp to bachelorette parties, scavenger hunts to employee training programs, and movement to boring meetings.  You’d be surprised at what we might be able to do to get your next event moving.

Whether you’re looking for an informational workshop or a motivational pep-talk, we’ve got you covered.  With extensive public speaking experience,  we are happy to get to know your company or group as well as tie in your values and mission.  We have a list of “hot topics” but are happy to take on something that you might already have in mind.

CONSULTING (In person or online)
If you’re looking for some expertise related to lifestyle balance, nourishment, self-care or fitness, we’ve got skills. From assisting small businesses with wellness program start-up and design to setting up a gym, you would be surprised at our vast expertise.



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