Lifestyle Coaching

The Life You Love – Lifestyle Coaching

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Are you happy?  Happiness doesn’t happen by accident.  Living the life you love takes conscious effort. If you aren’t where you want to be, we can help you get there. 


We begin by getting to know you.  This includes interviews and using inventories to determine the best place to start. Then we will help you start with those things that will have an immediate impact on your quality of life.  Our role is to help you identify issues and opportunities, challenge you to work through them, and support you along the way.


The comprehensive program we offer consists of many dimensions of life:

  • Identify personal values, priorities, and areas of potential personal and professional growth
  • Determine the best plan of action for work, career, and financial freedom
  • Examine and enhance social and personal lifestyle habits
  • Develop a plan to implement strategies for optimal physical and mental health

Our practical, evidence-based approach will have us working together to develop clear and immediate action steps. Through on-going reinforcement, support, and encouragement, you will begin to experience an improved quality of life; a more whole and happy self.


We offer packages that will work through all of the dimensions of lifestyle coaching but there are options to focus on a particular area of your life. Get started with a free 30 minute appointment to meet with us and figure out if this is the right place for you!