Move and Be Well is driven by two professionals with a shared vision and passion for wellness who also serve as educators. With decades of combined experience, accredited certifications, and advanced degrees, we strive to connect, educate, support, and motivate individuals who are seeking a balanced lifestyle with our welcoming and accessible approach to healthy living.

Our mission is to meet you where you are in your wellness journey, to guide and build your confidence in the pursuit of your healthy balance, and help you enhance your own life through the addition of sustainable movement, nourishment, and self-care practices.

Move and Be Well is a space that embodies growth, connection, and empowerment to intentionally move and be well. We hope that Move and Be Well will serve as a platform to give back to yourself and radiate confidence from within.

IMG_1992Meet Lee: I am a mover. I find myself on a quest for balance each and every day. I believe that moving in a forward direction in any aspect of life is a step toward achieving that balance. I dream of wild adventures and am one who is known to act on those dreams. And although my mind and body may move in many directions on a daily basis, I am someone who is fueled by the simplest of moments. I care about others deeply and find that connection is one of the greatest gifts. So here I am, with a strong passion to connect with those who are seeking their own personal balance and are ready to move in a forward direction in their wellness journey.

And Laura: I wear a lot of different hats in my life, but I like it that way. Across all of those roles, I’m a helper and a motivator. It’s rewarding to lift other people up. Movement is my motto. Personal growth and action are my way of learning and keeping things fresh in life. I am an introvert and kind of shy, yet here I am for all the world to see because I feel strongly about bringing my passion for well-being to everyone who might benefit from it. My happy place is being around my family and closest friends – made even better if we’re outside and the sun is shining! In life, I like to ask, “what if”? I’m not afraid to make a plan and move on it. Hopefully, I can support you if you want to do the same.

We can’t wait to meet you!  Make sure to connect with us on the many platforms that we have created to enhance accessibility.

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