Healthy Gift Ideas – 3 of 3

So here we are with our third and final post on healthy gift ideas.  I have to start by saying that this area is a little more sensitive than the last two.   By that I mean, you need to make sure that the person you are giving a fitness related gift to is actually interested in physical activity! There is nothing more awkward than giving a gift to someone and them misunderstanding your intent.  So, I would advise that these gifts be considered for those people who have openly expressed an interest in recreation, exercise or fitness.

Fitness Gift Ideas

Classes:  Take a fitness class together!  Zumba, Pilates, SPIN, Boot Camp – the options are endless.  If any of you are local and want to go to one of Lee’s classes, check them out at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation – Wellness Academy.

Train Together:  Race fees can add up quick so paying for an entry into an event or race could be a great gift.  Or better yet, spend time training together! This doesn’t have to be a marathon. It could even be done running, biking or walking to raise funds for something you care about.

Fitness membership: For those who might be somewhat reserved about joining a gym, there are many online memberships available.  I teach online for Boot Camp Hub, which delivers hundreds of workouts for a monthly fee.  There is also the traditional gym membership for those who prefer to get out of the house.

Programs:  Fitness passes, apps for your device, DVDs or pre-recorded workouts provide the convenience to be done anywhere, anytime!  Keep an eye out for the Day One Fitness Program© that we are launching soon.

Gadgets: There are many different devices out there to encourage more activity throughout the day.  Heart rate monitors can go a step further with tracking intensity.  Even more advanced options can provide information on distance and elevation.  Even a basic, digital watch is an awesome gadget for tracking time and pace.

Music membership:  Nothing provides more energy or motivation to move that some music!

Headphones:  Good headphones make a big difference.  These can help deliver motivation, relaxation, or even serve to reduce noise pollution.

Fitness Equipment: This doesn’t have to break the bank. Some small, handheld items can add a lot of intensity and variety to a workout.  Things like bands, rollers, handheld weights, and yoga mats or straps are great tools that don’t take up much space either.

Personal training or health coaching: This could be pricier but for those who really want some direction or accountability, this might be the way to help get someone started.

Gear / Clothing: These items can range from inexpensive accessories like socks, hats, gloves, and headbands to big ticket items like skis, snowboards, paddleboards, kayaks, bikes and more.  Your budget can help figure this one out.

Recreational pass:  This gift has the potential to be the most valuable one you can give. It provides access to beautiful places and potential memories.  From camping to hiking and swimming, this gift just keeps on giving.

Magazine subscription: There are lots of great magazines that help support and encourage active lifestyles.

Journal: There are many great journals that focus on tracking fitness and physical activity.  We will be releasing our Day One Guide tracking tool soon!

Gift cards:  A card to a favorite athletic clothing line would let them shop for that item they have been wanting.

Thanks for visiting our healthy gift ideas!  We wish you a safe and healthy season!

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