It’s important to have good form, whether you’re a beginner, or performing more advanced movements. Each week we will post a movement demonstration video that will review good body mechanics and ways to progress an exercise if you need more of a challenge.

TRICEPS: These exercises focus on arm strength and target the triceps, which are located on the back of the upper arm. This is a small muscle group so it won’t take much weight!


SQUAT: Squats build lower body strength and endurance. There are several variations and options depending on your fitness level.

PRONE PLANK:  Plank is great for building all around core strength and endurance.  Check out our beginner to advanced options.

PUSH UP: We love push ups because you can do them anywhere. They target the chest, arms, back and core. There are many variations as well. Learn how to progress from a push up on your knees to a full, military style.


DEADLIFT: This exercise is great for building strength in the core, back and hamstrings to prevent injury as well as working on mobility and balance.