We strive to be accessible and to bring movement to you. This is a space where you will be able to find the workouts that we have posted in the past with ease. No need to thumb through archives or blog articles when you are in the mood to move!

Each workout below provides a quick-view video demonstration of the workout. Above each video you will find a link that will provide a print version of the full workout with specific details for your viewing and printing purposes.

15 MINUTE HIIT WORKOUT: This 15 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is focused, hits the entire body, and is packed with a punch. You will complete four exercises back to back for 15 minutes straight. Rest is not built into the workout, so feel free to take time to grab water and catch your breath at any point. The video below takes you through the four exercises with me. Feel free to crank up your intensity and tempo, take it slower based on how you are feeling, or complete for more or less time.

BODY WEIGHT, TRAVEL FRIENDLY WORKOUT: Do you travel for work or are you always on the go?! No problem, this body weight workout targets the whole body, requires zero equipment, and can be done anywhere! Repeat this 4 minute circuit as many times as you’d like.

ARM CIRCUIT: This 4 minute circuit of arm exercises can be repeated three times for a total of 12 minutes.  Do the first round with us and the next two rounds on your own once you get the hang of it!

CORE EXERCISE FOR THE OUTDOORS AND BEYOND: This 5 minute routine is for anyone who could use some help with core and back strength.  If you are physically fit, it can serve as a good warm-up or maintenance plan to reduce the of risk injury and build foundational strength.

BACKYARD CARDIO AND TONING WORKOUT : Why do we love this workout? It is quick (roughly 20 minutes), hits your full body, and you don’t need much space or equipment. View and print the full workout to take with you:  Backyard Cardio Toning Workout

PERFECT PARK WORKOUT – FAMILY FRIENDLY : I made this family-friendly workout that you can do by yourself, with friends or with family.  So, visit your local park or track and try this circuit!  Great for all levels of fitness. You can print out a copy of  Perfect Park Workout here.

RUNNER’S ROUTINE : Use this set of exercises to strengthen your hips and lower body while reducing your risk of injury! Print a .pdf copy of Runner’s Routine