Core Values

We Are Professionals
With decades of combined experience in human movement and wellness, our advanced degrees and accredited certifications allow us to deliver professional services with a unique, accepting approach that you will not find elsewhere.  We strongly encourage and welcome all consumers to research our education and background.  It is our distinctive feature of excellence.

We Are Concerned With Your Safety First
The well-being of every person we interact with is our absolute number one priority.  We do not compromise safety at any cost.   We actively follow and stay up-to-date on current certifications, education, and best practices in the field of human movement and wellness.

We Are Effective & Efficient
The information we provide is effective and efficient because it is based on science and evidence.  We aim to educate our community members so they can gain the confidence they need to adopt and use healthy lifestyle approaches that work for them.

We Believe You Deserve A Good Quality Of Life  
Our ultimate goal is to help others achieve a balanced sense of well-being that extends beyond just the physical self.  This includes mental, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of wellness that are very important to a whole and happy life.

We Believe In Balance
Life is a balancing act and rest is symbiotic with movement.  Nourishing and giving back to our body extends far beyond food and sleep.  We never expect perfection but we do expect you to be actively involved, working in collaboration with us.  Sometimes that work might feel hard.  That’s okay, it’s worth it.  Sometimes that work will energize you.  You’ll feel revitalized because you have invested in yourself.

We Are Growth Focused
We leave judgement at the door but require an open mind for anyone who decides to step through it and join our community.  Each new day is an opportunity and we treat it as such.  Growth can take place in many ways and in all different places, but we have to be open to it.

We Are More Than A Quick Fix
We could deliver a 30 day “fix”, but we want much more than that for you.  Our approach is one that is sustainable for the long-haul because you deserve it, and we want you to still be giving back to yourself at day 31 and far beyond.

We Understand That Health Is Largely Due To Social Circumstances
The social circumstances in which we are born, live, and work can actually get under our skin and disrupt our physiology as much as germs and viruses. Research has revealed a gradient to health. At each step down the class pyramid, people tend to be sicker and die sooner. Evidence suggests that more equitable social policies, secure living-wage jobs, affordable housing, racial justice, good schools, community empowerment, and family supports are health issues just as critical as diet, tobacco use, and exercise. We are committed to educating others about inequality and support organizations that address social injustices.

We Welcome Everyone
We want to help everyone.  This means that we are committed to developing options and opportunities regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what your life circumstances might be.  We strive to be accessible.  Our extensive experience, education, credentials and commitment to inclusion make us uniquely qualified in this regard.  Varied life perspectives helps everyone grow.

We Like to Connect
Life is about relationships and the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.  Beyond that, positive people are infectious and connecting with others is key to having happiness in life.  We want to help everyone have this in their life.

We Like to Give
We believe that giving to others is a part of being whole and fulfilled.  It is a very important responsibility for a member of any community and we feel that we are uniquely positioned to help and contribute to others.