The MIND Diet

There are many foods that can contribute to brain health. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that some of those include things like leafy greens, deep red and purple vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, poultry, olive oil, fish, and berries. It turns out these foods, and others, are part of a recommended MIND Diet. MIND stands for Mediterranean Intervention for Neurogenerative Delay. This diet was developed by Dr. Martha Clare Morris, a nutritional epidemiologist, and includes some very specific recommendations.

The foods that are included in the MIND Diet are those rich in antioxidants, which help with cognitive function. The basic recommendations of this diet include eating:

  • At least three servings of whole grains each day.
  • Salad each day.
  • Eat one other vegetable every day.
  • Drinking a glass of wine every day.
  • Snacking on nuts every day.
  • Eating beans every other day.
  • Consuming poultry and berries at least twice a week.
  • Eating fish at least once a week.

There are foods that should be limited as well including fried or fast food, red meat, cheeses, butter, pastries, and sweets. Dr. Morris’ research produced evidence that sticking to this diet can slow cognitive decline with a difference of 7.5 years between those who adhere to this diet and those who did not. There is also scientific evidence that those who use the MIND Diet for longer periods can also benefit with increased protection from Alzheimer’s disease.

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