Saying No

It’s been a minute since I have blogged and there is a good reason. I have taken on a new job and it has very quickly reminded me that sometimes you have to say no to things.  And for me, the last few weeks, it’s been blogging. There are only so many hours in a day and I didn’t want to spend my time outside of work sitting inside during this beautiful Michigan summer!

Over the years, in our “busy” obsessed culture, I have realized that sometimes, you just have to say no to things.  It might even be those things you can and want to do. Although it can be hard, it really comes down to analyzing priorities and making decisions accordingly. I realize there are times when no isn’t an option, but often times it is and it might involve making a tough decision.

I have found that saying no, at times, can be really good for your mental health. Take these common examples.

  • Saying no to over scheduling yourself is really important to work-life balance.  You have to make time and space to take care of yourself. No one else is going to do this for you.  It might require you saying no to an invitation so that you can take some time for self care.
  • It’s better to do a few things well than to spread yourself so thin that you are not doing a good job at any of the many things you have committed to doing.  It doesn’t feel good to do sub-par work and this will just cause more stress.
  • When you say no to something, it can give you a renewed sense of control in the hectic world we live in.
  • Sometimes saying no will allow you to remove negative people, places, or situations from your life.
  • Turning down an offer doesn’t mean you aren’t capable or willing.  It just means that it may not be a priority at this point in time. You may be able to return to an opportunity at a later date when life circumstances allow.

Don’t be afraid to say no if things don’t line up with your values or priorities.  Although it may not always be possible to say no (usually at work), it’s actually an option more often than you realize.  At the very least, talk about it with others whom you trust. Review your values, priorities, and goals and keep these in mind when considering things. It can really bring clarity to decision-making and allow you to say no with peace of mind.

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