Reduce Sugar

Hopefully by now we are all aware of how addicting and toxic sugar can be and the problems it can cause with respect to health. (If not, see the Youtube link below). Rather than spending too much time on that, I would rather focus on what we can reduce sugar in our diet.  Here are some tips and tricks:

Start to measure sugar
Read labels.  How much are you actually consuming?  We’re not just talking soda and candy bars here.  Start looking for added sugars in everything you eat and quantify it.  From there you can begin to slowly reduce sugar or taper down over a series of days.

Get some sleep

Often our “cravings” are caused by hormonal imbalances that lead to urges which can be curbed or reduced with good sleep habits.

Balance your meals

Eating food that is largely carbohydrate, especially simple carbohydrates like table sugar and fructose, can lead to blood sugar spikes that are ultimately followed by blood sugar crashes which trigger the next cycle of cravings.  Make sure to include healthy fats and protein in your meals to promote a slow, steady, and sustained balance of blood sugar.

Drink more water

If we aren’t mindful of what our body is telling us, we might be reaching for a sugary drink when actually we might just be thirsty for some water.

Get rid of fruit juice

If you want the health benefits of fruit, have a piece of it.  This will reduce sugar and provide water, fiber, and natural antioxidants.  A single serving of fruit with a side of some protein can also be used as a sweet tooth fix instead of candy, cookies, or any other sweet treat.

Distract yourself

When cravings or stress come on, find a nonfood way to satisfy them such as going for a walk, calling a friend, running some errands, going outside, reading a book, or doing some yoga or deep breathing.   This too shall pass! 

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