4 Ways To Get Out Of A Food Rut

I will admit, I can go in waves of being really good about meal planning and food preparation followed by stretches of struggling to get food on the table.  I can find myself in a food rut often, struggling for new ideas.  With summer winding down (we still have about a month!) and so many of us returning to a more regular routine, this might be a good time to become refocused and energized about good eating.  Even the most dedicated and disciplined eater can get caught in a rut of eating the same things or just feel blah about some of their regular recipes.  

Try these tricks if you are in a food rut.  They will keep you motivated and excited about eating healthy!

Check Out Youtube

There are some really great channels for new and different food ideas.  What I like best is the ability to preview how much work the meal prep will take.  Whenever I get stuck, I turn to one of my favorite channels and it delivers every time! Some of my favorites for ideas as of late are:

Schedule A Recipe Swap

Getting together with a few friends to socialize is good for your health! It’s even better when you can swap some healthy, go-to recipes with each other.  Getting recipes that have been tried and tested will leave you with some of the best recipes you can ask for.

Get A New Cookbook

This is one of those things that I always recommend as a great reward if you’ve met a goal. It’s also a great gift idea. But, you don’t have to give yourself permission to get a new cookbook. It’s the gift that will keep on giving if you find something that meets your needs and gives you some new ideas.

Join A Food Club

Getting together to make batches of food is another great way to decompress, catch up with friends, and leave feeling productive. If money is an issue (because some of these can get pricy) just start your own club.  Even if it’s something as simple as making a week of lunches or preparing healthy snacks, this can spice up a typically mundane “have to” on our weekly to do list.  Everything’s better with friends!


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