Core Exercises For The Outdoors – And Beyond

I love when I get inspired by others!  This combination of exercises is brought to you via a conversation I had with my brother-in-law who was telling me about some of his recent research. He spends time in some pretty amazing places.  From the Boundary Waters to Sleeping Bear Dunes,  he is required to hike, climb, backpack, canoe….you name it.  We got to talking about how physically demanding it can be out in the elements.

This got me to thinking about the rest of us who like to spend our recreational time outdoors.  Many activities can be physically demanding, especially for our backs.  I wanted to put this series of exercises together for him, but realized that others can benefit from it as well!

So, this 5 minute routine is for anyone who could use some help with core and back strength.  If you are physically fit, it can serve as a good warm-up or maintenance plan to reduce the of risk injury and build foundational strength.  It might even be a great routine first thing in the morning to get your day off to an energizing start. If you have been fairly sedentary or have a history of any back injuries, make sure to check with a health care professional first.  Anyone who has had back issues knows that they can be chronic.  You want to make sure it is appropriate and safe before engaging in any exercise.

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