5 Tips to Overcome: “I Don’t Have Time to Exercise”

I would venture to guess that almost all of us have once said, “I don’t have time to exercise today.” We have all been there. This feeling and statement is challenging to overcome with the jam-packed lives that we lead. Just know you are not alone in this battle of finding time to intentionally move your body. I have put together a short list of strategies to overcome the “time” challenge. Try one out and see what works for you! You deserve it.

1.Make a date with yourself. Seriously. You schedule happy hour with friends, your work meetings, and children’s play dates ahead of time, correct? So, grab your old school planner (I still use one!) or iCal and schedule your workouts for the week. IMG_1946This will hold you accountable. I personally use “to do” lists to guide me throughout the day. I write “workout” as an action item, so that I have a friendly reminder to give myself that time, and then I get to cross it off my list!

2. Make it social. With everyone’s busy schedule, it can be hard to see friends on a consistent basis. Rather than meeting for dinner and drinks, make your catch up movement related. Take a walk with friends or go on a hike with your partner. This strategy will positively impact your social and physical wellness simultaneously!

3. Keep it short and sweet. Workouts do not need to be 2 hours long in order to be effective. Time efficiency is key. There are many ways to get an energy boosting and calorie scorching workout completed in much less than an hour – keep your eyes peeled for some of our short and sweet, but effective workouts that we will post in the near future! 

4. Take your workout to a place that works for you.  The beauty of movement is that it can happen anywhere. Not a fan of the typical gym environment? No problem! Your environment matters. Some of my favorite places to workout are the following: outdoor stairs, IMG_1823local parks, and my backyard. You will be more likely to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine if it is easily accessible and you enjoy where you are when you are doing it! 

5. Listen to your body and do what you actually feel like doing! Have you ever completed a specific type of workout because you felt that it was what you “should” do? I know that I have. It is alright to surrender to your body and to truly listen to it. You will be much more likely to actually complete your workout if you enjoy what you are doing and it is what your body needs that day.

Check out our Perfect Park Workout that we posted this week for a great example of a workout that is effective, time-efficient, and environment focused. Take your dog, kids, or a friend to your favorite local park and try it out! Tag us at #moveandbewell and let us know what you think!

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