Take My Digital Detox Challenge

I am issuing a challenge that may be easy for some and much harder for others.  I want all of my readers to choose one day in the upcoming week to take a break from digital media.  For many of you, it will probably have to be on a Saturday or Sunday.  It’s common for people to have a day over the weekend that allows for some free time that can easily be filled with even MORE screen time.  So, here are the details of the challenge:

Choose one day this week to take the day off from ALL screens.  This includes television, computers, tablets, and phones.  I’m calling it a “digital detox” and it may truly be a challenge to do this.  Consider filling the time away from screens with things like reading, resting, exercising, tackling a to-do list, going outside, or catching up with a friend.  All of these things can prove to be very beneficial for our brains, which can be overloaded with the constant barrage of images and information that we digitally consume daily.

So, it’s pretty simple.  Just pick your day and power off.  I’d love to hear about all of the great things you decide to do away from digital media.  You might be surprised by the benefits of a digital detox. And let me know whether or not you are considering trying it again!  You can consider implementing this detox once a week, every week.

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