5 Tricks To Get Out Of A Fitness Funk

Even the most dedicated enthusiast can find themselves in a fitness funk.  By that I mean feeling a little less enthusiastic about working out than they normally do.  It’s important to find ways to stay motivated and dedicated to being physically active.  Changing up your exercise program periodically can not only help keep you interested, it can also bring added benefits and results.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.  Here are some ideas to bring new energy to your exercise routine:

Go Outside:  Workouts don’t have to be limited to the gym.  Getting outside and incorporating the elements can bring a new and refreshed approach to your sweat session.  Fresh air and sunshine can help boost mental health too.  It’s easy to use the natural surroundings to do bodyweight exercises.  You can also implement lightweight tools like resistance bands or TRX straps for added challenge.

Find A Buddy:  Finding a workout partner can help provide some social benefit and some accountability.  Burn off some stress AND calories at the same time.  Partner workouts can also help challenge you to push yourself harder than you may have otherwise when exercising on your own.

Use A Fitness Application:  There are many fitness apps on the market now and they get better every day.  From My Fitness Pal to Nike Training Club, there are lots of options to help bring  a new or fresh approach to your workout.  Many of them allow you to customize for workout length and level.

Sign Up For A Class:  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new or different ideas.  Allowing someone else to come up with your workout can be a nice mental break.  You don’t have to think – just DO.   Show up with a good attitude and go to work!  You can also stretch yourself by trying a new type of activity that you might not consider otherwise.  If you have always been a cardio person, maybe a basic strength training class would be a good start.  Or, if you’ve always found yourself in the weight room, a SPIN class might be a nice change of pace and bring some new results.

Contact A Professional:  A small investment can bring a big return.  Even just a couple sessions of instruction from a professional can help you develop an effective plan for the next couple of months to help energize your approach to exercise.


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