Staying Sharp: 9 Keys for a Youthful Brain

I have been “swamped” with the end of the semester and hope to be blogging more regularly in the coming weeks. In the mean time I wanted to make a book recommendation.

Staying Sharp: 9 Keys for a Youthful Brain Through Modern Science and Ageless Wisdom” by Henry Emmons, MD, and David Alter, PhD is a must read.  Their use of science, evidence based medicine, and extensive experience combine for a book full of practical strategies that anyone can benefit from.  The two experts go far beyond just nutrition and physical activity to include some of the most important aspects of well-being including sleep, curiosity, optimism, outlook on life, empathy, social interaction, and being your authentic self. It’s a good one that I highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their own physical and mental health as well as overall quality of life.

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