Is Your Career Killing You?

By guest blogger Kim Monaghan

When you’re happy, you’re more relaxed, your stress level is low and you’re healthy and whole. If you’re happy at home and at work then your health is most likely in positive correlation with your disposition.

Dare I say it? Career happiness is good for your health!

If you’re not “career happy,” you may be shaving years off of your life. And for what? An organization? A brag-worthy salary? Pressure to fulfill someone else’s dream?

It’s just not worth sacrificing your health for your career.

Prolonged and excessive stress, much like water dripping from a faucet, can result in serious illness and maladaptive coping including dependency. Standard medical textbooks cite that anywhere from 50-80% of all diseases are psychosomatic or stress-related.

I’ve personally worked with numerous clients taking anti-anxiety medication or under doctor’s orders for stress-reduction therapy. Their jobs are killing them one day at a time.

What are we doing to ourselves? Why do we go back each day to a job that makes us so unhappy that it’s adversely impacting our health and well being?

We have the ability to turn this around.

Career happiness isn’t elusive. It’s doable. But it takes work. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, but with a coach by your side, your chances for cultivating career happiness increase exponentially. But you have to really want it. Listen, no job is perfect. We all make sacrifices each day, but would you rather put in the work now to be career happy sooner rather than before it’s too late? Since the detrimental wear and tear on the body from stress is often times irreparable, I imagine you would rather be career happy today!

Then what are you waiting for?

Kim Monaghan is a career happiness expert, coach and trainer She empowers professionals throughout the U.S. to think bigger about what they deserve and what they are capable of achieving: Career Growth, Advancement, Transition and Happiness. She is the owner of KBM Coaching & Consulting LLC and can be reached at

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