Breakfast Ideas

Eating breakfast regularly is associated with lower body fat and healthier dietary habits overall. Sign me up!  With this great news, why would anyone skip breakfast? Many people have told me that they don’t feel like eating when they get up. Others are just in a hurry.  It’s important to eat breakfast for a few reasons and that’s why I highly recommend eating something within the hour of waking up. So, even if you may not need to eat immediately, you should eat fairly shortly after rising.

Breakfast is an easy time to get stuck in a rut. We should look at it as an opportunity to fuel up for our day!  (Coffee doesn’t count).  We wouldn’t leave for a road trip on an empty tank, would we?  So why do we think skipping breakfast is going to leave us feeling good?

I have to admit, I have my “go-to” items that are quick, easy, and generally healthy.  When you start looking for some breakfast options, ideally you want something that is appetizing, but has a good combination of carbohydrate, healthy fat, and protein.  One of the benefits of breakfast is that it gives us an opportunity to “front load” calories. This means you can consume more calories in the morning and taper calories as the day goes on.  It’s an approach that has actually been shown to help with weight management.  It allows you to eat healthy and burn the calories throughout the day, rather than having a heavy meal at the end of the day and then sleeping on it.

It is amazing the difference that a good, balanced breakfast can make in your day. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some breakfast options to consider trying. Remember, variety is important so try to find a few different things that work for you.

*Disclaimer: there is no perfect food or breakfast. Every single thing I list here could be picked apart for one reason or another. Figure out what works for you and go for it.

Super Fast – Take it With You

  • Protein Bar: Not ideal but it can work in a pinch if you are in a crunch. Consider making a homemade batch and that will allow you to remove preservatives and additives in your morning.
  • Almonds (or healthy nut) and an easy, portable fruit like an apple or banana.
  • Trail mix.
  • Yogurt with granola: Be careful, this can get messy. Make sure it’s low in sugar and try to find at least 9 grams of protein per serving.
  • Low fat string cheese with a fruit or cut-up, crunchy vegetable.


  • Low sugar cereal with the milk of your choice; add fruit for something fresh.
  • Reheat some leftovers. I know it sounds crazy but I do this all the time. What most people eat for dinner tends to be higher in protein.

Takes A Few

  • Bagel or whole grain toast with peanut butter; add a low sugar granola or flax cereal.
  • Smoothies: I love to disguise spinach and other greens in with strawberries, bananas, and almond milk. This is packed with fresh food and enzymes.

Best If You Have More Than 15 minutes

  • Oatmeal: Go for the real deal, not the instant stuff that is loaded with sugar.   Add fruit or jam if it needs some help in the taste department.
  • Scrambled eggs and baby spinach in a whole grain tortilla wrap. A friend of mine suggested scrambled eggs with fresh avocado.
  • Whole grain waffles or pancakes with choice of fruit cut up on top.






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