The State of Health and Fitness in Your City

As I continue to prepare and refine my Public Health Concepts class, I have been adding to my arsenal of health related information as it pertains to physical activity and populations.  The American College of Sports Medicine,with support from the Anthem Foundation, has recently released the American Fitness Data Index Report which examines health and fitness indicators at the city level from 2009-2013.  The report includes the 50 largest metropolitan cities in the United States.

I like this report because it includes more than just personal health indicators.  As I have mentioned in past posts, we are not going to solve our chronic disease problems at the individual level.  This report also includes community level indicators which we know are crucial determinants in health.

Besides the use of this data by officials for scientific,  research, or planning purposes, it’s also practical. I think it’s valuable for those who are looking to move or relocate to a place to determine if it is conducive to good quality of life.  Although they don’t have my current city, they do have my hometown of Detroit.  As I plot my future move (I’m thinking 10 years out here) I will certainly keep an eye on this data as they continue to build on this information.  I will also use it when we examine chronic disease this semester.

AFI ACSM Trend Report
Understanding the Date Trend Report

How does your city stack up?

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