Run With A Purpose!

*One last reminder for anyone looking to help raise funds by November 1st*

I am openly inviting my readers, co-workers, students, friends, and colleagues to join me in running with a purpose this spring and summer.  So many of you are already signed up for races or events that this will be a “no brainer” for you! Please join me in raising funds for hungry people in your area.

Registration_Eblast_Run10_[10]All you have to do is follow the attached instructions, join my team, and get busy running while raising funds.  You can run a race you have already signed up for, pick one of the Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 races, or just map out your own run – that works too! The point is, you’re working on taking care of yourself and giving back to others in need.

Run 10 Feed 10 Instructions



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