Run With A Purpose!

I am openly inviting my readers, co-workers, students, friends, and colleagues to join me in running with a purpose this spring and summer.  So many of you are already signed up for races or events that this will be a “no brainer” for you! Please join me in raising funds for hungry people in your area.

Registration_Eblast_Run10_[10]All you have to do is follow the attached instructions, join my team, and get busy running while raising funds.  You can run a race you have already signed up for, pick one of the Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 races, or just map out your own run – that works too! The point is, you’re working on taking care of yourself and giving back to others in need.

Run 10 Feed 10 Instructions

You can also visit an old post for training plans.


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  1. Great cause, will download the instructions and work at fitting this into some other fundraising. Thanks!

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