My 10 Favorite Things About 8th Day Gym (So Far)

My 10 Favorite Things About 8th Day Gym (So Far)

10.  The coaches take classes. Is it wrong to enjoy seeing them in agony sometimes too?

9.  There aren’t any mirrors.  THANK YOU!

8.  It’s locally owned and operated and focused on building community among its members.

7.  I look forward to going to class – sometimes days in advance.  I have been trying to take 48 hours in between classes to reduce my risk of injury. I find myself really looking forward to the next class that I will be able to go to!  Not only that, I spend the day eating properly so I will feel and do my best (aka survive) when I am there.

6.  They track progress in terms of your own personal best.

5.  They push…. but not too far, and stress the importance of technique.  Entering this gym as a total weakling, I am severely lacking in the strength department.  The coaches have been very encouraging on the need for me to practice and emphasize technique and the strength will come.  I appreciate them offering scaled options for me so that I can focus on form.

4.  They build-in recovery and education.  I have to admit, this is my biggest concern over Crossfit in general and varies from gym to gym.  The science shows that going at 110% every day is not good. Although I have only been participating at 8th Day Gym for a short time, I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of time spent on education and the emphasis on the need to properly recover.

3.  When I leave, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I don’t think I need to say more here. The workouts are freaking hard and I’m happy to have completed even modified or scaled versions!

2.  There is always someone there that inspires me and it’s a different person every time.  Sometimes it’s the person who is completing something that I could only dream of, but more often it’s a person who showed up and is doing their personal best – completely committed.

1.  By far and away, the number one thing that I like best about going to 8th Day Gym is that in the one hour that I spend there on any given day, I am COMPLETELY in the moment.  This has become very hard for me to do lately.  I have multiple roles in my life and work multiple jobs.  With so much to do and so little time, I am finding it harder and harder to be in one place experiencing what is going on without thinking about what I have to do next.  That’s not the case at 8th Day Gym.  I am able to live and be completely in the moment very easily there.  The classes they put together take total concentration mentally and physically and that is far and away what I love best about it!

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