Apparel Programs for Exercise Science Professionals

I recently received an email from Reebok One inviting me to apply for their instructor network.  It prompted me to share this piece with you, which was originally posted in August, 2012

Everyone likes a deal, so I figured I would share this tidbit of information.  Many athletic and fitness apparel companies have programs exclusively for personal trainers and fitness professionals that allow them to get big reductions on apparel.  They also give you access to stuff before it’s available in stores and to the public.  We all know how important it is to present yourself as a put-together professional who lives a lifestyle that is in line with their profession.  Purchasing athletic apparel that makes you appear sharp, polished and competent can get really expensive.

Most of the companies that provide these types of programs require you to register and provide your sizing. That allows them to (try) to limit your purchases to sizes that would fit just you, the personal trainer or fitness professional.  I guess it’s also a way for them to ensure that  you aren’t running a resale shop out of the back of your car.

This type of program makes sense for the companies. They provide you, the professional, with sweet apparel at a reduced cost. You then become a walking billboard for them as you wear it around at work.  It’s kind of the same principle they use with famous athletes, only on a much smaller scale, with our much smaller paychecks.

Catalogs usually come out every three months but I have found supplies run out really fast.  Some of the companies also allow you to purchase things in different sizes as gifts for others around the holidays.  If you have a particular brand that you love or are loyal to, you should call their customer service and see if they offer any type of program like this.  Here are a couple of companies with existing programs that you might want to check out in the meantime.

Avia Select


Reebok This site actually allows you to create a public profile and load information about your professional credentials.



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