Insanity® and P90X® Certifications

We all know that Insanity® , P90X® , and other similar, DVD-packaged programs like them can do a world of good for many people.  But, as usual, I have some concerns.  They can be pretty intense, especially for beginners and I worry about injuries. It must be the athletic trainer in me, because the way that some of these types of higher intensity programs incorporate plyometrics – it leaves me with safety concerns.

I do like the fact that they provide variety and with some of them you don’t need equipment. I also like that they provide a way for the participant to track progress.  But after talking with a friend who is a physical therapist, she said she is seeing more and more shoulder, wrist, and knee injuries from this type of workout activity.  I can see how that would happen.

This is where trained professionals can help.  We can correct form and provide modifications where a workout DVD cannot.  Both Insanity® (certification info) and P90X® (certification info) have recently come out with certifications that can be attained in order to teach classes in a group format.  Although I had safety concerns about doing this at first, I am now planning to have a certified instructor provide classes where I work beginning next fall.

I prefer to have professionals I work with utilize their skill set to customize plans.  But that isn’t always an option.  For large groups, this might not be a bad way to go.  I look at it this way:  working in our field, we have to stay up on current trends and deliver new and different ways to motivate people. This type of workout format has gained popularity and can deliver results.  If I know participants are doing this on their own, I feel I can help provide a safer way to do that.   By having educated, trained professionals give direction on exercise form and selection, while monitoring intensity and teaching people how to progress at a safe rate, I hope to help deliver popular fitness programming in an environment that will minimize risk of injury and produce results.

I would love to hear from some of my physical therapists out there!

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