Running with Snow and Ice Cleats

YakTraxWinter has officially arrived where I live.  Some of you are fortunate enough to NOT have to deal with snow, but that is not the case here in Michigan! We’ve been nailed with single digit temperatures and snow, with subzero windchill.

People like my husband and co-workers are nutty enough to brave the weather regardless of the extreme temperatures and conditions.  It never dawned on me that there may be runners who have never heard of OR don’t bother using snow and ice cleats – that is until I saw a runner slip-sliding around today outside of my daughter’s school.  After seeing him fall three times, I pulled up alongside him to see if he was okay.  He wasn’t wearing any and I explained to him what they are.

Snow and ice cleats are basically like chains for tires, except you put them over your shoes.  They provide added traction through snow and slippery conditions.  There are several brands of these out there, but for running, I have found I like YakTrax best.  They provide the right amount of traction while not being too cumbersome.  I also worry about the potential for injury whenever you change anything about how a shoe strikes the ground.  I haven’t known anyone to use these and develop problems, however, I’m sure it’s possible.  Even more so though, I worry about injury from slipping and falling and that’s why I recommend these!

So, don’t let the weather slow you down.  I know many people who can settle for running indoors during these extremes, but I also know many people who need the fresh air and prefer being outdoors.  Be careful and consider taking extra measures for staying safe!

Note:  I don’t have any ties to any company so if you have other brands that you have had luck with, please share!  I am only promoting safety, not pushing a product!

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  1. Hello!
    What I love abut this post is that you are promoting safety – we agree, no matter what brand you choose, avoiding costly slips and falls is the number #1 priority!

    Getting out and enjoying the outdoors and doing the activities you love all year is such a treat.

    We recommend 32north brand STABILicers ice cleats. The Sports style is designed with runners in mind: lightweight, durable with replaceable cleats for long life. All the STABILicers products are made in Maine with a commitment to quality and great customer service.

    So — be safe winter weather lovers! Enjoy the winter activities (& work) you love with confidence!

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