Liability Insurance

IMG_1558Anytime anyone hears the term “liability” they get a little jumpy.  I always suggest the topics of risk management, law, and liability as potential topics of professional development to consider. Whether you work (or are training to work) in physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, fitness, wellness, athletics, or the like, limiting risk and liability should be a TOP priority.  Unfortunately, many are left confused on what risk management and liability are, and what they need to be ready for.

As I have mentioned in my “Protect Yourself” piece, there are some very basic steps that everyone should be taking, no matter what setting you work in.  The single greatest thing any professional can do to minimize liability and provide quality service is to operate within their scope of practice and training.  In all of my previous posts, I was unable to get to the topic of liability insurance.  Insurance is something that is often times carried by an employer that covers their employees.  I recommend all professionals look into what, if any, type of coverage that their employer provides.  In addition, it might be worth carrying your own professional liability insurance.  Having your own might provide you with the coverage you need to do part-time work in addition to your regular employment.

Here are some resources to get you started if you have been considering purchasing your own insurance. There are many other places you can get insurance, however, these are reputable organizations who work within specific professions that offer reduced rates to students and members.

American Physical Therapy Association
National Strength & Conditioning Association
America Council on Exercise  Insurance Center
Idea Health & Fitness Association – Group Fitness Insurance
American College of Sports Medicine

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