Working Vacations For Fitness and Wellness Professionals

I realize the idea of a “working” vacation seems counter to what we might recommend in our profession.  Having a healthy, balanced approach to work is necessary to stay focused and manage stress.  And I can say for sure that right now, I am in serious need of a vacation.  Too bad, because I won’t be able to take one for a while.  In the meantime, I need to figure out where I want to go and how I am going to pay for it.

I was recently talking to a yoga instructor who was saying she wants to travel the world for a while and teach yoga along the way.  I started telling her about some of the companies who offer working vacations for instructors, personal trainers, and even coaches.   She almost couldn’t wrap her head around the idea.  The basic gist is this: sign on to teach for typically 1-2 weeks at a tropical location resort.  In return you get to stay there.  Now, each place is different in terms of what you have to do and what you get. Most places are looking for you to teach 1-2 classes or lessons a day and then the rest of the time is yours.  Some provide financial assistance with travel, some do not.

Before I go on, I have to preface this with the fact that I myself have not traveled with any of these companies….yet.  I know people who have, however, I recommend that if you are looking into this that you try to get first hand account of experiences.  We all have different expectations, so you are really going to want to do your homework.

Another thing to consider is where you want to travel.  That will help you narrow down which companies to consider working with as well.  It also depends on your skill set and what they are looking for.  Here are a few that I am aware of that you can start with when you plan your next vacation.

Fit Bodies Inc. Travel Incentives

Fitness Finders Inc.


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