Body Glide – You Must Know About This Stuff!

Body Glide is a product whose names says it all.  It’s best known for being used by endurance athletes who exercise for long periods of time and experience skin irritation, chafing, or blisters. But I think it’s those people who don’t exercise who need to know about it.

Many of us who are physically active take for granted the fact that exercise  can be very uncomfortable when first starting out, after gaining some weight, or after being sedentary for a long period of time. Extra weight and skinfold can cause a lot of uncomfortable rubbing and chafing that actually adds to the insurmountable hill (for some) known as exercise. As professionals we want to make the process as achievable as possible and remove as many barriers – even if it’s chafing – as we can.

Body Glide is basically a non-greasy balm that comes in a container that looks like deoderant. I have recommended this product in all kinds of situations.  It has come in handy for patients in physical therapy and for diabetics to prevent opening blisters and preventing complications. It’s even worked on my kids surfing when they didn’t have a rash guard.  You can pretty much use it anywhere on your body that can get irritated.  I have also found it to work great to protect against wind and cold as well.

It usually runs around $8 and can be found at most athletic stores. If not, get it online.  The only thing I would caution you about is the fact that you may want to look into the ingredients if you have sensitive skin.  It’s never bothered me or anyone I have recommended it to, but everyone is different.  Also, I have found that it might slightly discolor athletic performance materials if they are white. Other than that, I think this is a product to check out and see if your clients or patients could benefit from using it.

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