Mitch Albom Gets It!

An Apple A Day

Mitch Albom has been a staple in my life. Growing up in Detroit I have watched him cover all kinds of topics and even write several books.  Who could forget Tuesdays with Morrie?  I no longer live in Detroit, but still try to keep up with some of his columns in the Detroit Free Press.  But never have I been so proud of his work as when I read his latest piece, “Pills-a-poppin’: Our medication nation“.

His article covers the issue of prescription medication in the United States.  More specifically, it raises questions about companies marketing medications that require a prescription directly to the consumer.  It ties in so many of the pieces of the puzzle regarding the state of health in our country.  One thing he doesn’t mention with respect to drug companies marketing directly to the public is that not only was there a day that they were not able to do so, but there was also a day in the mid-1980’s when our law makers decided to change that.  Cue flood gates opening.  Exercise is medicine. I wonder if they are thinking about trademarking and marketing that too.  I hope so.

Mitch Albom certainly is not a medical expert, but he is a critical thinker.  After reading his article, I’m starting to wonder why an actual written prescription is even necessary to obtain a medication that is not accessible over the counter.  If the drug companies can market to me and I can go ask for it from my doctor, it seems more like a formality than a control point.  For more information on the history of pharmaceutical companies marketing to consumers, check out article here.

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