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Non-traditional racing is growing in popularity.  So much for the boring old 5K race.  It’s time for some good old-fashion fun.  As I have said, variety is the spice of life, and urban adventure racing does just that.  Urban adventure racing includes events like running, but it also throws in navigating, problem solving, biking, hiking, water activities, and the like – all of which take place in and around a city.  It can vary from race to race, but it sure sounds fun!

My colleague, Wendi Scholten, was nice enough to share this video that she and her husband took while participating in an urban adventure race.  They have been married for 17 years and not only did they manage to complete this race without killing each other, they finished in 4th place!  The two of them enjoy hiking, skiing and snowmobiling together.  When Wendi first heard about Grand Rapid Urban Adventure Race, her husband was skeptical, because he is not a runner and doesn’t “exercise” much.  However, he is a “walking GPS” and his job is active.  So, in July of 2011 they participated in their first adventure race together.

They both fell in love with the experience and were nice enough to put this footage together for me when they participated in a race on July 14, 2012.   They found that this course was definitely made for them because the run portions were short and broken up.  They also excelled at the challenges where puzzle solving was the emphasis.  If you are looking for fun and adventure, they highly recommend trying an adventure race!  Check out this video which gives you a taste of their experience.

Wendi is a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health/Fitness Instruction. She holds multiple professional certifications and can be found all over the Grand Rapids area teaching, motivating and inspiring people – including me!  Her husband Chip is responsible for putting this video together.

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