Practice What You Preach

I have to admit, I have high expectations for people.  I expect a lot out of my doctor, my dentist, even the person that helps me at the bank.  I require them to be totally available, competent, and knowledgeable enough to meet my demands.  If I desire all of this out of them, I must expect the same out of myself for my customers.

My question to professionals in the field is this:  what are you doing that makes people want to follow your lead?   Do you feel like you are your best self?  If you expect to be a role model and help others, can you honestly say you are worth following?

We work in a profession that has a higher standard than most.   We have to be role models whether we like it or not.  Am I saying that you have to run around with your shirt off, muscles flexed? Absolutely not.  However, you do have to possess a commitment to knowledge, skills, abilities, and lifestyle choices that are necessary in our field. Beyond that, you have to not only practice these things in your workplace but also LIVE those values.

I suggest for all professionals who are thinking about or currently working in the field of health, fitness, or wellness to take a look at themselves and their lifestyle choices.  Just as you would with a client, set some goals that are attainable with a timeline as to when you want to have them achieved. Often times we are so busy using our energy to motivate others to pursue their goals that we don’t take time to look at ourselves and what we can do to become the person that everyone wants to follow.

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