Who Is Your Professional Role Model?

Have you been lucky enough to have that go-to person in your life?  They seem to have it all together and make life seem effortless.  People come to them with questions about what to do with sticky situations or how to handle problems.  Those same people seem to have an easy approach with people and lead by example.  I always encourage new professionals to keep their eye out for these people because they may have the makings to be an excellent mentor.

By definition, a mentor is someone you trust and respect that has more experience professionally, which allows them to make decisions with more perspective and insight.  Many of us are lucky enough to have someone in our personal life that we bounce ideas off of and discuss problems with, but how many of us have that professionally?

A mentor is an invaluable piece of any professional’s life, regardless of their field.  It would be nice to have someone that does specifically what you do, however, a mentor does not necessarily have to be a fitness or wellness expert.  Characteristics that I feel make a great mentor are things like intelligence, patience, listening and critical thinking skills, but also extensive business experience.  What I would consider to be the most important would be exceptional management, interpersonal and decision-making abilities.  What qualities would you consider important in this respect?

It goes without saying that a mentor should have an incredible passion and work ethic, which is usually what has allowed them to be in a position of influence.  It’s no coincidence that these same people have an extensive network among their field, which helps broaden your network by knowing them.  As you plot your course for the career you would like, a mentor can be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals.

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