DCAC Fitness

I thought I had been around long enough to know about all of the worthwhile conferences there are in the fitness and wellness industry.  But, alas, I discovered something new last summer that I think everyone should know about.  It’s called DCAC Fitness and I enjoyed every second of it (except for missing my kids).

DCAC Fitness has been around about 20 years and their goal has always been to facilitate the launch of new fitness careers, then educate and empower individuals into successful fitness professionals.  I attended their conference in August of 2011 for the first time.  How did I not know about this!?

I was pleasantly surprised at not only the quality and variety of the workshops and sessions, but the atmosphere of the conference itself.  The people attending were from all backgrounds and disciplines.  Many fitness and wellness conferences I have attended I have been a little taken aback with the emphasis on vanity and looks rather than on lifestyle and principles.  I was able to share the elevator with an 80 year old yoga instructor who has taught at a YMCA and a community center in New York for years.  She was nice enough to tell me I looked like Victoria Beckham.  As she was leaving the elevator, I noticed her glasses were around her neck and not on her face.

DCAC fitness was able to offer me continuing education for all of my professional certifications for a two-year period and it only took me a weekend. This is huge for me. As I attain more credentials over the years, it becomes very costly to maintain them.  This conference was able to give me the opportunity to fulfill all of my continuing education credits for a very reasonable price.  Better yet, they offer the opportunity to be a staff assistant which gives you a reduced rate for working the event.  It still allows you to sit in on sessions and even better still, backstage access to the presenters and event planners.

Overall, I recommend this conference not only for the education but for the opportunity to connect and network with other professionals.  I was able meet so many people simply because of the professional, relaxed environment where I did not feel intimidated like I have at other conferences.  It’s an annual event, so I suggest you check it out. I highly recommend it!

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